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At our service center we offer office facilities, storage & handling solutions. We provide 24/7 secured and specialized storage, both indoors and outdoors. With years of experience our team is dedicated to take on your facility, logistic and handling jobs.At our service center we offer full service storage and handling solutions. We provide 24/7 secured and specialized storage, both indoors, outdoors. With over 10 years of experience our team is dedicated to take on your logistic and handling jobs.

Cleaning & Conservation

Our expert team is well-equipped to perform cleaning, visual inspection, and re-doping of all types of casing and tubing, drill pipe and drill collar connections. We can also take care of refacing rotary shoulders and minor field repairs; after visual thread inspection has indicated that repair is within tolerance limits. To assure durability of drilling equipment and tubulars, we provide full cleaning treatment and conservation services in preparation for condition assessments and storage. All treatments are performed according to local and international sustainability regulations.

Facility Services

Our front desk can attend to your incoming calls, visitors and packages on your behalf. We can facilitate you an office or just a desk.

We offer four floors of offices and have various spaces available, from 1 up to 15 people. All our meeting rooms have digitally displays and are available to our partners. Our canteen can be used for the lunch or other incentives. All office cleaning is included in our service and is regular every week. Of course internet and WiFi is present.


In order to achieve the highest level of safety and quality of drilling equipment and tubulars, our service center only employs well-trained and certified inspectors. We subcontract and facilitate third party inspection and audits. We monitor our suppliers to ensure the best quality to our customers. Our performance goes beyond industry and OEM standards. More importantly, we are fully dedicated to satisfying your specific requirements.

Key technicalities: Level III & II, MPI, FLUX, Bore-O-Scope and UT

Storage & Handling

Our yard measures over 19,500 m². Our warehouses measure over 4,100 m² and are equipped with overhead cranes lifting up to 20 tons, whereas mobile handling is performed by forklifts and mobile cranes. We offer standard loading and unloading of trucks with forklifts lifting up to 7 tons. For heavy lifting, such as loading and unloading of skids and containers, we have forklifts lifting up to 12 tons. Heavier lifting can be provided by one of our local partners. Next to loading and unloading, cleaning, inspection and conservation services, we also offer a wide range of services such as drifting, stenciling, tallying