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drilling service center

Your local partner in drilling supplies and services

About us

The Drilling Service Center is the new, all-in-one service provider in Europe. Together with our partners, we offer top-quality, efficient and cost-effective solutions to operators, drilling contractors, service companies and rig builders. You can expect excellent service and support at our center, while our partners supply hardware to you worldwide. The Drilling Service Center goes the distance by offering local service with a global reach.

Who we are

The Drilling Service Center evolved out of the Deep Drill Company, which was founded by B.G.H van Amsterdam in 1980. The second generation Van Amsterdam entrepreneurs recognized the need for an expertise center in Europe combining supply, storage and handling services and thus created a hub with specialized companies for hardware and expertise in well set-ups and rig packages.


Our service center is conveniently located in Middenmeer, the Netherlands. The main Dutch offshore ports in Amsterdam, Den Helder, Harlingen and IJmuiden can all be reached within 45 minutes. The efficient Dutch infrastructure gives excellent access to the rest of Europe and its major international harbors.

Service solutions

At our service center we offer full service storage and handling solutions. We provide 24/7 secured and specialized storage, both indoors, outdoors. With over 10 years of experience our team is dedicated to take on your logistic and handling jobs.


local services with a global reach

All in one
Storage & Handling
Cleaning and conservation

All in one

Our service center, measuring over 27,000 m², is well-equipped and provides: Integrated Services

Key Dimensions

Warehouse 4.100 m²
Yard 19.500 m²
Machine shop 1.500 m²
Workshop 1.200 m²
Cleaning/Inspection area 1.500 m²
Office, meeting & training rooms 1.200 m²


Key Technicalities

  • Sales & Rentals
    • Drill String Equipment
    • Pressure Control Equipment
    • Flow Line Equipment
    • Well Head Assemblies
    • OCTG
    • Cement & Float Equipment
  • Engineering
    • Well Head Assemblies
    • Pressure Control and Flow Line Assemblies
    • Centralizer placement
    • Total Depth Well Solutions
  • Fabrication & Repair,
    Maintenance & Repair,
    Testing & Recertification
    • API 6, 16, ATEX, ANSI, CE, DNV & PED
    • API 5CT, Premium & High Torque Connections – Techniseal & Multiseal
    • NS I & II, API 7 & Double Shouldered Connections
    • Welding, Hard banding & Heat Treatment
    • Bucking up to 50,000 ft/lbs
    • Pressure Test over 22,500 psi
  • Make & Break
    • Up to 200,000 ft/lbs
  • Push & Pull Testing
    • Up to 150,000 lbs

Storage and handling

Our yard measures over 19,500 m². Our warehouses measure over 4,100 m² and are equipped with overhead cranes lifting up to 20 tons, whereas mobile handling is performed by forklifts and mobile cranes. We offer standard loading and unloading of trucks with forklifts lifting up to 7 tons. For heavy lifting, such as loading and unloading of skids and containers, we have forklifts lifting up to 12 tons and a crane lifting up to 25 tons at our disposal. Heavier lifting can be provided by one of our local partners. Next to loading and unloading, cleaning, inspection and conservation services, we also offer a wide range of services such as drifting, stenciling, tallying

Handling services

  • Standard Handling
  • Heavy Handling
  • Cleaning – Visual Inspection – Redoping connections
  • Drifting
  • Stenciling
  • Stenciling
  • Bundling
  • Repair - Re-facing Rotary connections
  • Labour services

Cleaning and conservation

Our expert team is well-equipped to perform cleaning, visual inspection, and re-doping of all types of casing and tubing, drill pipe and drill collar connections. We can also take care of refacing rotary shoulders and minor field repairs; after visual thread inspection has indicated that repair is within tolerance limits. To assure durability of drilling equipment and tubulars, we provide full cleaning treatment and conservation services in preparation for condition assessments and storage. All treatments are performed according to local and international sustainability regulations.

Acid & Water jet up to 1000 bar


In order to achieve the highest level of safety and quality of drilling equipment and tubulars, our service center only employs well-trained and certified inspectors. We subcontract and facilitate third party inspection and audits. We monitor our suppliers to ensure the best quality to our customers. Our performance goes beyond industry and OEM standards. More importantly, we are fully dedicated to satisfying your specific requirements.

Key technicalities
Level III & II, MPI, FLUX, Bore-O-Scope and UT

Training solutions

In order to share knowledge and expertise we offer training solutions for both practical and theoretical training. Our certified instructors with years of hands-on experience take pride in providing efficient and tailor-made training programs. Our meeting rooms provide high-tech communication equipment and our indoor and outdoor working and training areas are equipped with up to date handling and testing equipment. Apart from providing training facilities and instruction, we will gladly take care of the co-ordination, organization and catering of the training programs.

BOP Hands On Training - June 2016   The first LRED “BOP Hands On Training” at the Drilling Service Center is a fact. For 3 weeks on a row, the LRED trainer performed a well-balanced program of theory and practice. This new LRED Training combination with Deep Drill’s XDD - Pressure Control Equipment & Workshop and the Drilling Service Center’s - Hospitality & Training Solutions made a perfect match for the SWIFT Drilling – operators and some of the new Deep Drill mechanics. We have sharpened their tools in our shed. More info click here.

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In our efforts to serve our customers broadly we have teamed up with several expert partners at the All-in- One-Drilling Service Center. Together we provide integrated services to smoothen your drilling and work over operations.

Deep Drill
Global Rentals

Deep Drill Supply Group

Deep Drill Supply Group sells, rents and services OEM oilfield equipment from independent mills and manufacturers: pressure control-, flow line and drill string equipment and also OCTG, cement and float equipment and wellhead assemblies. Plus OEM services: engineering, maintenance and repairs, testing and recertification. For more information, please contact our partner:


SMFR offers fast and premium solutions for manufacturing and repair of drill stem, casing & tubing and drilling-through equipment. For more information, please contact our partner:

TD Well Solutions

TD Well Solutions is a TERCEL dealer selling and renting a full range of drill bits that drill further, faster and with increased precision to deliver high rates of penetration quickly and cost effectively, including the flagship product MicroCORE™ drill bit. A range of roller reamers, fixed and versatile stabilizers designed to improve the drilling performance by reducing vibration and providing a secondary reaming capability, including the flagship product GunDRILL™ reamer. A patented range of innovative equipment designed to reduce torque & drag to ensure tubulars reach total depth across all environments, including difficult wellbore conditions and high angle ERD and horizontal wells, including the flagship product SwivelMASTER®. For more information, please contact our partner:

T: +31 (0)227 726011 / +31(0)653901310

SGS Nederland

SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. They offer Bottom Hole Assembly inspection, drill pipe inspection and tubular inspection from SGS – identifies defects before they cause serious damage, assures smooth operation and reduces financial risks.

For more information, please contact our partner:

Global Rentals

Global Rentals is a rental tool company in the oil and gas industry. Delivering technical solutions, providing rental MT Drilling Jars, MT Energisers and Shock Tools to enhance your drilling operations, but also performs make and break and pull testing. 

Project Support Nederland

PSN, your partner for qualified competent personnel and recruitment services! We invest in developing our employees and deliver flexible and experienced manpower to the Oil & Gas industry, Engineering, Logistics and Asbestos Abatement.

For more information, please contact Project Support Nederland:

T: +31 (0)227 720930


We are here to help!

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If you would like to have more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

T: +31 (0)227 720 930

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For more information, you are welcome at our All in one - Drilling Service Center. We are well equipped and well experienced, We go the distance.

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